Swedish singer-songwriter Christian Kjellvander releases live album comprised of Townes Van Zandt covers.

Download offcial press release here:
Kjellvander – Pressrelease – ENG

It’s no secret that Christian Kjellvander is hugely inspired by american singer-songwriters like Neil Young, Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt.

In 2003 Kjellvander played a concert at Mondo in Stockholm where he paid his dues to Van Zandt with a setlist comprised of his classics. The concert was recorded and later sold at shows in very limited quantity as 100 burned CDRs under the title An Evening Of Townes Van Zandt. Those copies sold out almost immediately and since then that recording has been something like the holy grail for Kjellvander fans.

Now small danish label Accelerator Records gives An Evening Of Townes Van Zandt the proper release it deserves, when they put out a limited run of 250 handnumbered copies on 180gr vinyl.

Christian Kjellvander comments on the release:
“People have been coming up to me for years asking when I’m gonna release the Townes night live recordings officially….this is about as close as I will get.

I don’t really remember why the night came about…but I think there was a club that had artists do a set of their favorite artists songs….I learned a few Townes songs on the bus up to Stockholm, I distinctly remember learning “Tower Song” but for some reason didn’t play it….I remember I played it the next night because my then girlfriend thought it was a new song about us…we broke up shortly after.

I generally feel that the moment you start thinking of yourself as a songwriter you’re fucked. I don’t think Townes thought of himself as a songwriter…..everybody else did, but I doubt he did….I think he was too smart to take credit for the angels speaking.”

Christian Kjellvander started his career in Loosegoats in 1994, releasing several albums with the band before they disbanded in 2001. In 2002 Kjellvander released his first studio album Songs From A Two-Room Chapel and since then he has released another five praised albums with the latest being A Village: Natural Light in 2016.

An Evening Of Townes Van Zandt will be released March 2 – 2018, and can be ordered through Accelerator Records: www.acceleratorrecords.dk.

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