Danny Cavanagh – A Place To Be (a tribute to Nick Drake)


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Danny Cavanagh has beaten his folds in the British prog-rockers Anathema since the early nineties. As guitarist and main songwriter he has been steering the band from doom metal to prog rock releasing 11 albums during the last 30 years.

In September 2020 Anathema announced though that they will go into indefinite hiatus, and it is at this point uncertain if they will ever release new music again.

But back in 2004 Danny Cavanagh recorded and released a tribute album to the late british singer-songwriter Nick Drake under the title “A Place To Be – A Tribute To Nick Drake”. Unfortunately the album was only released on CD back then, but now – 16 years later Accelerator Records gives “A Place To Be” the vinyl release it deserves.

“A Place To Be” will be released December 4 on 500 copies of 180gr black vinyl.

Notice, that this is a preorder title, and the record will be shipped as close to the release date as possible!


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