Deathening – Antifascist Death Metal


The Swedish metal quintet Deathening release their third full length album Antifascist Death Metal, on vinyl and digital, on january 28, 2019 on Rakamarow Records and Accelerator Records

The music of Deathening, has always had a clear agenda with a twin focus. One part being the sheer musical brutality and the other the dissection of society and social commentary in the lyrics:

Often, we’re told that you shouldn’t mix metal and politics. We disagree. Besides, it’s almost impossible not to. As many other metal bands, our lyrics deal with different aspects of evil. Nothing strange about that, one could say. But we choose not to discuss devils and demons and other things not existing in reality.

The evil found in our lyrics is very much real. It’s about phenomena which should have been buried a long time ago, remembered as warnings. Fascism. Racism. Homophobia. Egoistic, empathy drained and fact resistant nationalists are spreading myths to make fear thrive. They turn people against each other. They strive to dismantle the principles of democracy.

This evil is what our album Antifascist Death Metal deals with.

The members of Deathening, hailing from Malmö and Gothenburg, all grew up in the first wave of Swedish death metal and have been a part of the scene since. Their death metal craftsmanship is apparent: heavy chords, fast paced riffs and melodic solos and on top of that the sheer aggression of Kalle Nimhagen’s voice, ranging from raw growling to piercing screams. Contemporary society’s darkest evils interpreted musically and lyrically.

The album includes guest appearances by guitarist and growler Johan Reinholdz (Dark Tranquillity, Andromeda, Nonexist) who plays two solos and shares vocal duties on one track. Just as for the last album release, the artwork is made by Bartosz Nalezinski.

Deathening was formed in 2007 by sound engineers and producers Arnold Lindberg (drums) and Pål Callmer (guitar), who have played together since the mid-nineties in Murderplan (Let’s Roll 2008, Ascent Records) and Supraload (Hype Divine 2005), alongside guitarist Niklas Fridh. The following year bassist Pär Hallgren (Hooffoot, Sgt. Sunshine) and singer Kalle Nimhagen (Embraced) joined the band. The debut Open up and Swallow was released 2011 and the second album Chained in Blood 2013.

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