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The album is limited to 300 copies of 180gr black vinyl.

A1. A Small Amount Of Confusion
A2. Walking Restless
A3. Where Did You Go
A4. True
A5. Power Failure

B1. Healing Hand
B2. Could Have Reached For You
B3. A Sight Supreme
B4. Deep Into The Bone
B5. Mother And Child Reunion

Press release:

Swedish troubadour Mattias Hellberg has been an active musician for ages (or at least since the late 80’s) and he has collaborated with God knows who on the Scandinavian music scene.

In the past he lend his duties to bands like The Hellacopters, The Solution, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Nationalteatern and Stefan Sundström, and present he’s touring and recording with both Håkan Hellström, Erlend Ropstad and Janove (former Kaizers Orchestra). A busy guy indeed.

Back in 2000 Mattias Hellberg teamed up with Martin Hederos (they were previous bandmates in Nymphet Noodlers) as the duo Hederos/Hellberg. They released their self-titled debut (actually the songs were meant as demo recordings) in 2000 via Gravitation Records, and it became an instant success. Critics went nuts and Hederos Hellberg played sold out shows all over Scandinavia and Ryan Adams brought them as support throughout Europe.

In 2001 Hederos/Hellberg released their second album Together In The Darkness via legendary swedish label Silence Records. But as Martin Hederos got more busy with his other band The Soundtrack Of Our Lives who started to take off in the US, the duo had to go seperate ways.

In the period between 1996 and 2003 Mattias Hellberg had spent time writing his own material, and the split of Hederos/Hellberg left room for him to focus on his solo-material. In 2003 he recorded his self titled debut at Silence Studios and released the album in 2004 via Silence Records. The personal and heartfelt songs revealed a highly talented songwriter in Mattias Hellberg.

Since then he has released four more albums under his own name: Out Of The Frying Pan (2008), Into The Woods High In The Lowlands (2011), Gurimolla! (2013) and In Egolectric Harmony (2014).
Although several of Mattias Hellbergs other solo releases have been released on vinyl, his self titled debut unfortunately never found it’s way unto wax. Untill now…

Danish label Accelerator Records gives the debut the proper release it deserves, when they put out a limited run of 300 copies on 180gr black vinyl.

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