St. Thomas – There’s Only One Of Me (preorder)




‘There’s Only One Of Me’ was the sixth album by Norwegian singer/songwriter Saint Thomas. Originally released on CD on Thomas Hansens own Cornerman Records back in 2006 it sadly also proved to be the last release before Hansens tragic and way too early death in 2007.

Like the vinyl release of ‘Children Of The New Brigade’, Accelerator Records has been granted the rights for releasing this little LoFi-gem on vinyl too.

Pressed on 180gr vinyl with 51 copies on clear/smoke, 108 copies on gold and 211 copies on black vinyl.

Notice that there is a risk of a little more surface noise on gold vinyls!

Release date is October 13.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Colour variations

clear/smoke (51 copies), Gold (108 copies), Black (211 copies)

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